Job Pointer is an exclusive service, wherein our team gathers job requirements from Newspapers, Portals, Company Websites & other recruitment sources from all over India & Abroad & match the available job positions with the jobseeker’s requirement.

This is a personalised service where a team member would handle the profile of the job seeker & would be responsible for sending relevant job positions on a regular basis depending on the availability. The team member who also happens to be the relationship executive would be the point of contact for all the enquiries of the job seeker. The relationship executive with the help of our sourcing staff would search for positions through various resources & the positions thus obtained would be mapped with the job seeker’s profile. If the positions match the job seeker’s experience & preference, the same is e-mailed to the candidate. The details of the position would include the recruiter’s details, qualification and years of experience, job description & other related information with an option to apply. The job seeker can analyse the position & if suitable, can apply directly.

This kind of a personalized service would definitely be helpful for any senior job seeker because he is well aware about his job search activities & need not have a worry that his profile being on a public domain, seen by a lot of people, getting circulated among a lot of consultants which in turn can reduce the credibility of his resume.


For 6 months: Rs.5056.20 inclusive of taxes.

For 12 months: Rs.9606.78 inclusive of taxes.


'RESUME' creates the first impression about you.
- A poorly crafted resume hampers your chances of making it to the interview, much less making an impact on a recruiter. It should not only have the required information with excellent presentation but also should generate interest to identify your RESUME among others. And thats the exact reason why you need to look at us.
Our resume writing service - Power Resume can transform your resume to bring out your strengths, skills, experience and education as per your career goals.
Our experts can develop a POWERFUL & RESULT ORIENTED resume for you. Our resume writing team consists of professionals having years of experience in various fields & departments. They help you to develop a well crafted, customised and professional resume that ensures you catch the recruiter's eye.

Our proven resume writing strategies will help you to get MORE INTERVIEWS by creating powerful and result oriented resumes. And above all, helps you to get that dream job.

The resume will be delivered within 10 working days from date of receipt of payment and soft copy. In case we foresee any delay beyond this period due to circumstances beyond our control, you shall be intimated accordingly.


Level I: Rs.5561.82 inclusive of taxes.

Level II: Rs.11123.64 inclusive of taxes.